Lei Pāpahi was organically created from a passion of working with local flowers married with jewelry design and passion for color. For Kristi, it seemed natural to create unique and exceptional lei. Just as each individual is unique and given specific and one-of-a-kind gifts and talents, so are the lei being presented to each in great honor. Lei Pāpahi means to confer with honor- chosen specifically to highlight the honoring process of lei giving, and in the same vein of honoring the Creator of all gifts.

Textures and colors are important features that bring out the natural beauty in the final element. The more distinctive a lei, more honor is conveyed. Each lei component is sustainably selected – enabling enjoyment for many days, to the finale of a dried memento. 


  • futureprüf

Max has been a true champion in creating a platform and assisting to achieve a shared vision of the beauty, tradition, and appreciation for lei. He researches deep within the vaults of undiscovered, in-depth meaning and reasoning for concepts, creations, and heritage.. His intention and sensitive perception on gathering the essence of any project is unparalleled. Aesthetic and pride are important well beyond the surface – striving always for the truest, most well-told story.

Explore more of his work here: http://www.futurepruf.com

  • Reckonshop

Gavin is unassuming but immensely talented. He has been a part of the Lana Lane artist family since inception as well as part of the Pow Wow family of artists. His talent and eye for design has landed him on many projects and teams of creatives such as Fitted, Jiwajiwa Press, and many others. He is the type of artist that supports the community in humble and generous ways.

When designing the Lei Pāpahi logo, he instantly grasped the concept and aesthetic of the design outlook. 

Check out more of his work here: http://www.reckonshop.com

  • Mei Day

Tamara is a floral designer that surpasses talent with an eye for unique pairings, artistic expression, love for nature, and all things local. She is an inspiration and sounding board for her Mei Day team of designers and beyond. Her aesthetic and passion for perfection brings out the absolute best for her clients- unwavering in ordinary. 

Lei Pāpahi is honored to offer a customized collection of exquisite wedding lei in partnership with Mei Day.

Be inspired in Tamara’s world: http://www.meidayflora.com

  • Liljestrand House

Liljestrand House invited Lei Papahi to be part of their brilliant group of sponsors for the various presentations and educational workshops held on the historic property. It’s beyond true of what might be known of their space and magnificent architectural design. Nature and design are married expertly by Vladimir Ossipoff- who has left an imprint on Hawaii mid-century design and living. It is a must see- feast of angles, nature mirroring design, and full of advantages being nested in pure beauty and magic.

With the landscape of Honolulu set, it’s no mistake Liljestrand House would be the perfect host to a myriad of legendary designers, artists, and intellects. Please visit their website for the most updated calendar of events and guest speakers. 


Lei Pāpahi is grateful for the opportunity to confer honor to those who have left impressions on so many through their design and expression.